How To Pick Your Estate Planning Attorney

During one of the first ethics courses I took many years ago when I was a newly licensed estate planning attorney, the instructor said something profound that stuck with me. "Be the attorney that you would hire" Implicit in his statement was the fact that, as attorneys, we know more or have a deeper insight into how attorneys work than the general public. So it was not only, which attorney would the public hire but which attorney would an attorney hire while knowing all the things we know as attorneys. That statement has shaped the way I view myself as an estate planning attorney Denver and how I hold myself out to the Denver and Colorado public.

In three parts, I will explain what I would look for if it were my family searching for an Denver Estate Planning Attorney. First, I would look for an attorney who handles his/her clients as relationships as opposed to transactions. I know sometimes it may feel like a transaction or even be focused on as a transaction from the get go, but estate planning is a service and not a product. I would want my attorney to do annual reviews with me or have some form of maintenance program where I know that I can have the effectiveness of the plan checked periodically. For information on what would require an update, check out or frequently asked questions page.

Second, I would search for an attorney that practices the administration of the documents he/she provides. It is not enough that the attorney compiled together a document from what they learned in school or private study. To be truly effective, they should have experience in the real life application of their estate plans through either probate or Trust administration.

Third but certainly not least, I would search for an attorney that focuses his service to the clients entire experience, not just the task at hand. By that I mean, if the attorney completes a task that is a single link in a chain of tasks to be completed, they need to communicate with the other links to maximize effectiveness. An example would be a trust attorney who completes a trust for a client and facilitates the complete funding of the trust through the clients financial advisors. If my family, as the client, did not have a need met through the service, I would want my attorney to provide me with a connection to someone who can.

None of us want to feel like a number in a system or a cog in a machine. Finding an attorney who is knowledgable is only half of the search, find one who works with you completely. Contact your Denver Estate Planning Law Firm to speak with an attorney today.

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