All of our estate plans start with every document we consider necessary to protect you in the event of death or incapacity. This includes a Pour-over Will, a Revocable Living Trust, Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, HIPAA release and a Living Will. While we recommend you consider the complete package for peace of mind, we will work with you to draft any document you desire.

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Financial Power of Attorney

This power allows your designated agents to access your bank accounts, pay your bills and speak to financial institutions on your behalf.

Medical Power of Attorney

This document allows your designated agent to make medical decisions on your behalf. If you are ever in an accident and can not speak for yourself, this allows your agent to speak with your doctor and make decisions for your benefit.

HIPAA Release

Something we always include when creating a medical power of attorney is the HIPAA release. This allows your agent to request and access your confidential medical records and history.

Living Wills

This document is the baseline controlling document if you are on life-support or a respirator without chance of recovery. It sets the number of days you wish to remain on life support before being removed.

Guardianship Designations

Families with minor children account for over 50% of our clients and what is important to them is that their children will be taken care of in the event they both pass. This document sets out who will become the legal guardians of your minor children when you pass away.

Loan Trust Opinion Letter

A Trust opinion letter is a letter from an attorney to a bank, lender, or refinancing agent that certifies that your Trust is valid and can own or does own real property.

Personal Property Memorandum

A personal property memorandum is a document incorporated by reference into your estate planning document, either a Will or Trust. It is capable of disposing or personal property such as household items, family heirlooms, collectibles, tools and even vehicles. It can not dispose of cash or cash accounts, or real property.